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The Eagle Huntress

The BAFTA nominated and Oscar shortlisted documentary was championed by Morgan Spurlock & Daisy Ridley and featured an original song from acclaimed musician Sia.

The Eagle Huntress is a spellbinding true story of Aisholpan, a 13-year- old Mongolian girl who is striving to become the first female Eagle Hunter in 2,000 years of male- dominated history. Aisholpan is a real life role model on an epic journey to win victory in a far away land. This young Muslim nomad longs to become the first “Huntress” to ever to compete in the annual Golden Eagle Festival. She dreams of hunting in the frozen winters to prove that “a girl can do anything a boy can, so long as she’s determined.” But first, she must convince her father Agalai–a Master Eagle Hunter–to train her in this ancient art that has been passed down through her family from father to son for countless generations.

87min  /  2016